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16 March 2010,
Chuck Season 3 spoilers from Fancast.com;

Q: ‘Chuck’ seems to be starting to get his mojo back. But as Morgan pointed out in “Chuck vs. The Beard,” there’s one thing missing from Chuck’s life – Sarah. So I ask you: Will we see Chuck make a play to win back the woman he loves? – Mike
A: Let’s just say that in next week’s episode, Chuck brings up with Sarah that fateful train station rendezvous in Prague. Cue waterworks.

Q: Is ‘Chuck’ writing out Awesome and Ellie? I hope not. – Alicia_Marie76 via Twitter

A: That’s what the show had me thinking, too – then again, I’m also the patsy who believed Awesome had been killed off at the end of this season’s third episode. Next week, Ellie ponders her hubby’s’s Doctors Without Borders plan. The decision she makes might not help your anxiety.

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