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25 February 2010,
Spoiler's from Ask Ausiello at ahead;

Q: I had a fire in my home the other night. Now I’m stuck in a hotel with a crappy, 25-year-old, 19-inch TV for seven weeks! I beg of you, give me some Chuck teases to cheer me up. —Scott
A: Wow, sucks to be you. This should get you out of your funk: The March 8, Zach Levi-directed episode is a game-changer in the truest sense of the word. And plot twists aside, it’s just an all-around great episode of Chuck. I watched it over the weekend on my state-of-the-art, 197-inch flat-screen TV in the comfort of my own home and was in heaven. Hope that helped!

Q: I heard you got the next four episodes of Chuck. Can you give us some scoop, pretty please? —Laura
A: The first episode back on Monday will feature…
A) a revealing look at Brandon Routh’s ripped upper body
B) a major revelation about Sarah
C) a nasty tooth extraction
D) massive amounts of Chuck-Hannah kissing
E) a break-up
F) three significant deaths
G) all of the above except F
H) none of the above

Q: Zach Levi tweeted a picture of Nathan Fillion on the set of Chuck! Be still my Chuck/Firefly lovin’ heart! Please tell me you’ve got any scoop about the goings-on behind this picture!
A: If you’re asking me whether Nathan is guest-starring on Chuck, the answer is no.

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