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As for Chuck, the last two one-hour episodes that aired a couple weeks ago, largely ignored the big bomb revealed during its Christmas episode that the character of Chuck (Zachary Levi), who harbors all the governments secrets in his head (it’s called the Intersect), may soon be terminated because a new intersect is being created. He says that mythology would come back into play, but the last two episodes were designed more to build up the character dynamics, specifically that of Alec Baldwin’s hard-nosed undercover government agent Casey.

"We wanted to get involved in Casey’s back story and what he’s like as a leading man, and we wanted to have some fun there, but also keep the balance of the show and the action-intrigue component but also the fundamental humanity of these nitwits that are over their heads," says McG. "Obviously what Josh Gomez is doing, what Zach Levi is doing, they do a good job bringing the comedic energy and we rely on Baldwin and Yvonne [Strahovski] to bring the physicality and proficiency to a very different world."

And if the writer’s strike is resolved, and the season continues, will this new intersect play a big part? McG says yes.

"That’s the dominant idea that will be serviced in the balance of the season," concludes McG.


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