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There’s a new superhero of sorts — and he is awesome.

Captain Awesome, that is.

He doesn’t have telepathy or any other power, but what Captain Awesome lacks in superhuman abilities, he makes up for in invaluable awesomeness, lovable goofiness, SoCal mellowness and Matthew McConaughey shirtlessness.

“It’s become a running joke now. I’m never going to be able to eat again! Come on!” Ryan McPartlin, Captain’s portrayer on NBC’s Chuck, tells OK! of his character’s shirt-phobia.

That may just be one sacrifice he’s going to have to make to keep playing this fan favorite. Captain Awesome (given name: Devon), nicknamed as such “because everything he does is awesome,” is the boyfriend of Chuck’s (Zachary Levi) live-in sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and is the jock to Chuck’s geek.

But the labels stop there. At first glance, Awesome could easily come off as your typical, mean-spirited frat boy who taunts and teases others, but he is actually quite the opposite — a friendly, supportive “big brother,” thanks to Ryan’s blend of silly sweetness...Read the rest Here!

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