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After rising by over 1 million viewers last week, Chuck has dropped by over 1 million viewers this week to a series low of 7.14 Million Viewers during last night's installment of "Chuck". Don't let this dampen your spirit, Next week's ratings may go up by over a million viewers like it suddenly did last week!


Anonymous on October 28, 2007 at 7:57 AM

you know, one of the reasons could be because all of San Diego County and Ramona, etc. was evacuated for the last week. The witch fire was by me really early monday morning, like 5 am so i was unable to watch my shows for the week.. that wasn't really a priority though. thanks to the new web craze, all shows i watch were posted on their nbc, abc and cbs official websites and when i finally was back in my house i got caught up on all of them. Once web viewings have been calculated, i'm sure Chuck will have higher viewership. They really need to take that into account along with DVR/Tivo recordings.

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