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8 February 2011,
Daemon’s TV recently talked to Scott Krinsky about his favorite Chuck scenes etc. Whole interview @ DaemonsTV.

Q: Last Monday night’s “Chuck Vs. the Push Mix” episode of ‘Chuck’ was probably the most epic one they’ve had.

Scott Krinsky: Yeah. I watched it for the first time myself. It was a great episode. I think it really tied together a lot of where the show was going this season.

Q: On the other hand it always makes me sad that the writers have to do this episode because they think it might be the series finale. What’s that like on set, that kind of uncertainty?

Scott Krinsky: In the beginning you’re so happy to have such an amazing job, and then of course we had the writer’s strike which seems like ages ago. So you’re sort of worrying about whether you’re going to have a job again and all of that, but now I feel like we’ve kind of gotten used to it. We’ve had to deal with this for three years now. It’s weird to say. It’s actually very gratifying to say that we’re used to it because we’ve been around that long that we can get used to the torture that we’re put through. We don’t feel tortured anymore because we’re so used to it.

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Anonymous on February 8, 2011 at 8:42 PM

awful interview. the actor is as dull as 'jeff'. he's super lucky vik sahay is there to give him electricity. you read vik's interviews and they're so full of wit and charm and depth. this guy is a dunce. and i'm not talking jeff, I mean scott himself. ugh.

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