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11 October 2010, talked to Sarah Lancaster about upcoming storylines and on the future of 'Chuck'. Read it below:

Q: What’s the timetable for the birth of Baby Awesome? February sweeps, season finale?

A: That’s the thing with our show – we never have the luxury of knowing if we’re coming back, let alone if were getting a full-season pickup. Right now, all we have is Episodes 1 through 13, and we’re hoping to get the back 9 anytime now. That’s where the writers’ hard work comes in, because it’s difficult for them to structure everything [not knowing]. I don’t know if Episode 13 is the end of ‘Chuck’ –I hope it’s not – or, “OK, here’s your back 9.”

Q: What is Ellie’s reaction if and when she learns that Chuck is tracking down their mother?

A: In the next couple episodes, Chuck is going to talk to her more about their mom, to see if [Ellie] has any interest in knowing what happened to her. In seasons prior, Ellie was very cut and dry with regards to her mother, but now that she’s pregnant and thinking about a family of her own, it’s softened her a bit. She’s thinking, “Do I want my child to know her grandma? Do I participate in this?” It’s bringing up a lot of stuff. -Full Article.

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Comment by CHUCKster on October 11, 2010 at 4:52 PM

there'll definitely be a back 9!
awesome baby!!.. thinkin' of possible names now? one with a cool nickname too (",? hmmmmmm

Chuck-a-holic on October 11, 2010 at 6:17 PM

Would be nice if it was a girl named Sam!

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