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President of scheduling at NBC, Vince Manze released a report earlier on the status of the NBC shows. He also included news on the new show such as Chuck. Here it is:

"We're not holding back for January," said Vince Manze, president of scheduling at NBC.There's a fine line between keeping existing programs in reserve and letting them run to their natural hiatus points, Manze said. "You take your chances if you're taking off a new show, especially," he said. "We're gaining momentum with a show like 'Chuck.' Do you want to hold it back or get as many fans as possible?"

While Manze declined to outline NBC's plans -- that probably will come after Thanksgiving -- he said that the network will have just as many original hours of programming as it would have had in the first quarter without a strike. Programs in the mix include "Friday Night Lights," "Las Vegas," "Law & Order," "Chuck," "ER" and "Scrubs."
It seems as though NBC does realise that they are gaining momentum with Chuck which is definately a good sign.


Anonymous on January 8, 2008 at 6:30 AM

I don't know about anyone else but from what I have seen so far in CHUCK . I am more than willing to wait till this strike is over and pick back up with being one of those people who cant wait till the next episode.

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